5 Tips For Your Child’s First Class!

Helping 3 year-olds feel confident in their movements!

So your child is taking a class for the first time, and they are 3 years old? I have 5 tips on how to help them succeed in their first class.  We have worked with all personality types, and have helped transition a child from shy or unfocused, to self confident and working independently.  When we see a child succeed, we see that parents have followed these steps.  Sometimes it takes one class or 12 classes for your child to start to feel comfortable.  

1. Prepare them in advance: Talk to your child about what to expect in the class and how to behave. This can help to reduce anxiety and ensure a positive experience.

2. Dress them comfortably: Make sure your child is dressed comfortably in clothes that allow for ease of movement. Avoid clothing that is too loose or too tight, as it can be distracting during class.

3. Encourage participation: Encourage your child to participate and have fun. Let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes and that everyone starts somewhere.

4. Be positive and supportive: Be a supportive and positive presence for your child. Cheer them on and praise their efforts, even if they struggle at first. This will help to build their confidence and motivation to continue.

5. Communicate with the teacher: Make sure to communicate with the teacher before and after class. Ask questions, share any concerns, and provide feedback. Building a relationship with the teacher can help to ensure that your child has a successful experience.

Whether your child is starting a class with us at Adventure Recreation or maybe soccer or dance, we hope these tips help you. From personal experience, I have one child who is more of an observer; and one that is a go getter! I help each one of them differently when it comes to trying out new things. Sometimes it’s easy and instantaneous, and sometimes it takes a long time. Being consistent as a parent will pay off, you got this!

~ Andrea Ivey

Co-Owner Adventure Recreation

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