Being active… how to make it fun for kids!

Physical activity is crucial for children’s development, but sometimes it can be challenging to get kids excited about exercise. As a parent and a professional in the field of physical education, I understand the importance of making exercise fun and enjoyable for kids. At Adventure Recreation, we’re passionate about helping kids stay active and engaged, and we keep these tips in mind when creating our curriculum and lesson plans.

  1. Focus on the fun: We believe that physical activity should be enjoyable for kids, which is why we incorporate fun and engaging activities into our lessons. For example, we turn a simple warm-up into a game that encourages teamwork and cooperation, or we create obstacle courses that incorporate different types of movement.
  2. Play games: Games are an important part of our curriculum, as they help make physical activity more engaging for kids. We incorporate classic games like tag and relay races, but we also create new games that promote physical activity and are tailored to the interests of our students.
  3. Use technology: While we believe that it’s important to limit screen time, we also recognize that technology can be a useful tool for promoting physical activity. That’s why we incorporate technology into some of our lessons, using apps and games that encourage movement and physical activity.
  4. Make it social: We believe that physical activity is more fun when it’s done with friends, which is why we encourage our students to work together and support each other during lessons. We also organize events that allow our students to connect and socialize, such as kids night out, parties and clinics!
  5. Be creative: Finally, we know that kids love to use their imaginations and be creative, which is why we incorporate creative activities into our lessons.

In conclusion, physical activity is crucial for children’s development, and at Adventure Recreation, we’re committed to making it fun and enjoyable for kids. By incorporating fun activities, games, technology in moderation, socializing, and creativity into our curriculum and lesson plans, we help our students develop healthy habits for life. Let’s work together to make physical activity a positive experience for kids!

~Andrea Ivey

Co-Founder Adventure Recreation



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