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We are tumble and Ninja kids facility no need to have any background in these areas. We strive to have a great can-do attitude of helping others. Do you like working together with coworkers to get things done in a thriving staff culture where we are able to help each other out, remain positive and encouraging. Of course you will need to love to laugh and have fun! We love to be a little goofy, weird, and fun. That's why kids can't wait to come back to class next week we balance our classes with learning new skills. new skills with imagination comes more willingness to try something new!

Job Requirements

Experience is great, but not required!

Loves Working with Kids

Is a Team Player

Afternoons and Weekends

Enjoys Encouraging Others


Elementary Lead Studio Coach

Flipped academy is a brand new pre-K through sixth grade private school located in Petaluma, California that provides unique and revolutionary disruptive educational model that is affiliated with act on Academy Netwerk flipped academy is seeking a lead coach for sparks studio (ages 5 - 11) who is ready to instill their love of learning and others and change the world of education this opportunity is a integral part of designing the foundation of the spark studio and be a part of the most innovative schools of the 21st-century

Preschool Coach

We are seeking a coach for a toddler and super toddlers 3 to 6 years old this person should love working with kids and have a way of talking to them (you know meant to work with Littles) We train the right person on the ins and outs of the curriculum we are seeking the person who is fabulous with kids

Tumble Coach

Who is seeking a tumble coach who loves to help kids grow and learn! We balance the passion of the child and what they want to learn with good form and attention to detail. This is not a competitive atmosphere rather a child centered and fun working environment. Yes, we work hard and focus on getting your skills all while having fun along the way. Our tumble program is grown post-Covid and needs a knowledgeable coach who can help skills through backhand springs, back tucks, front tucks, and the foundations. Maybe you did gymnastics, cheer, or dance growing up and have done the skills but not taught yet; we are happy to train anybody with the base knowledge of these skills.

Ninja Coach

Do you love the world of swinging, jumping, vaulting, and flipping? We are seeking a fun person who loves working with kids. We have a coaching staff of eight who are fun, diverse, and organized. We all come from different backgrounds, gymnastics, cheer, basketball I would love to find someone who comes from a ninja warrior, parkour, free running, urban gymnastics, etc. (any of the above)

The position is part-time primarily evenings and some weekends. Great for college students, high school students, anyone looking for a part-time work. We have a large summer camp so that can increase for full-time during summer.

Front Desk

We are seeking someone who loves to be organized! Someone who loves fast pace, fun environment full of kids activities. This person must have excellent customer service, phone, and people skills, data entry, email savvy, and overall understanding of how to stay organized! We have a thriving staff culture where we all help each other out, and are positive and encouraging, and, of course, love to laugh and have fun! Pay is dependent on experience and what you feel like you can bring to our team! We are willing to train the right person and bring on the person who is ready to jump in!

This position is part time to start, but overall growth can/will build into a full-time position to start must be available afternoons Monday through Friday.

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