Tots Classes

Learning to flip, through mastery, challenge, safety and FUN.


Tots Classes are for 3 & 4 year old’s and will develop strength, agility, speed and flexibility that is great for anything else your child is into.

We develop these through obstacle courses and station based curriculum. Our knowledgeable and engaged staff help your child feel more confident in themselves and their movements.

Use these classes to gain strength for other sports, and is a great foundation for our Tumbling or Warrior Program.

Why it WORKS


Through interactions with the coaches, tots will learn from amazing Coaches, and be encouraged to push their boundaries and strive for excellence. Through their interactions with other kids, they will learn to collaborate and work together to achieve success, build lasting friendships, and develop a sense of belonging.

Amazing Coaches

Our coaches are trained and follow a tested curriculum to develop your child as a whole. Through our Tots classes, coaches will not only teach skills, but also character skills like following directions, staying with the group, and working more independently!


When your child enters the gym, they are welcomed by fun and challenge! We have a lively atmosphere that will help your Toddler feel they are having fun the whole time... even though they are working hard, and will head home sweaty most of the time!


Our classes are driven by levels, and have goals of skill achievement in every class. If you have an outgoing face paced tot, you will see them gain focus and slow down to make skill achievements. If you have a shy quiet tot, you will see them gain confidence and grow their personality overtime.

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